Workplace Relations and Employment Law

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At Roberts Nehmer McKee Lawyers, our aim when handling workplace disputes is to work quickly and responsively with the parties to secure an amicable and workable resolution before a dispute adversely affects other people in the workplace.

With so many recent changes and more to come, it is important for both employers and employees to understand the workings of our industrial laws and methods to prevent costly and time- consuming disputes.

We can review and prepare employment contracts, a service which can go a long way to prevent needless disputes due to a lack of certainty in the terms of a person’s employment.

We can advise employers and employees on confidentiality provisions in employment contracts; advise employers on overtime obligations; advise employers on potential liability for underpayment of entitlements where wages are otherwise paid over the award; advise employers and employees on restructuring and rights on redundancy; assist employers to properly deal with employee discipline and dismissal procedures; advise outgoing and incoming business owners regarding continuation of employee entitlements; and assist employers to implement anti-discrimination, anti-bullying and anti-sexual harassment policies.

Whether you have a major workplace issue or simply require ad hoc advice from time to time, we can assist with any workplace query.

We offer complimentary seminars at our offices on current employment law topics of interest to keep you up to date with the latest legislative changes that directly impact on the workplace and suggest strategies to implement to reduce the likelihood of disputes and actively improve the workplace relations within your organization.

We can also tailor training seminars to suit your specific workplace needs.